Tuesday, May 17, 2016

WIGO TECH Repair in Clarendon Fixes Phones, Tablets, Computers & More

WIGO TECH Repair in Clarendon
1408 N. Fillmore St, 2nd Floor suite 2
Arlington, VA 22201

Our shop in Clarendon is easy to get to but tricky to find. Huh? Well it's right in the heart of Clarendon just off of Wilson Blvd on N. Fillmore St. and only two blocks from the Clarendon Metro BUT it's not a store front like some retail shops. You'll need to find the super secret door that leads to our 2nd floor space. For the first time on the internet I can reveal what the door looks like:

Secret Door that leads to WIGO TECH Repair in Clarendon

No secret knock is required, just open this door, walk up the steps, turn left and go into the second door on the left (it actually has a sign that says WIGO TECH Repair). Once you enter that door you will be greeted by one of our super smart and very friendly WIGOTECH's who can hep you get your TECH fixed!

Friendly WIGOTECH ready to FIX your TECH!

WIGO TECH Repair in Clarendon is a small shop but we can fix hundreds of different devices with the parts we have in-stock! Cracked screen on your iPhone? Not a problem, we can fix it while you wait! Busted iPad screen? Done in under a couple of hours. Charge port on your Samsung Galaxy S phone not working? We fix that too! Battery on your smartphone seen better days? We have batteries for almost every phone ever made! Heck we even fix Blackberry's!

So if you need your TECH fixed and your in Clarendon, Courthouse or anywhere in North Arlington come visit us today in Clarendon. We'd love to have you as a customer!

Visit our website at WIGO TECH Repair at www.WiGoTECHRepair.com or call our main phone number at 844-Get-WiGo (844-438-9446) for more details. Our shop hours in Clarendon are 10AM-6PM Monday to Friday and no appointment is needed!

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Maybe I should Just Buy a New Phone?!

If I had a dollar for every time I heard someone ask me, "Should I just buy a new phone?" I would be a rich man. But isn't that always the case with your TECH. Something doesn't work right or is tricky to use and the first thing that pops into our head, "I should just buy a new one". 

Of course, that's what we think! Why wouldn't we? After all we are getting inundated with tons of advertising messages from all over the place that says THE NEW ONE IS BETTER!! THE NEW ONE IS BETTER!!! Or maybe you're used to hearing, "This is the greatest (fill in the blank) we've ever made." Until a year later when... You get the idea.

What if I told you can break the cycle and kick the habit of feeling like less of a human being unless you have the latest and greatest TECH. It's OK, you'll survive and more importantly the planet will survive too. Oh and by the way, you'll save yourself a lot of time and money as well!!

It's called SUSTAINABILITY, my friends and most people are moving in that direction each and every day.

Maybe you do it to save money (cutting back on you power consumption at home) or recycling (because you don't want your neighbors to see you without a blue bin out front). Perhaps you think you are all-in on sustainability because you bring your own bags to the Whole Foods and only buy coffee that is "Shade Grown". But have you thought long and hard about your TECH??

Make Your TECH Last Longer by Getting it FIXED!
  1. EVERY ISSUE can be fixed (Cracked screen, Charge issue, liquid damage, software, etc. at a Professional Repair Shop).
  2. EVERY TECH device can be fixed (Most manufacturers would like you to buy something new, but an experienced TECH Repair Shop can fix it!).
  3. Sometimes its is as simple as a NEW BATTERY (Yea, that simple).
  4. If something is NOT WORKING right get it looked at by a PROFESSIONAL Repair Shop (Preventative maintenance works on TECH too).
  5. Don't ask a guy/girl who SELLS PHONES if they think you should get it fixed (much like asking your local Pastor if you should go to church).
  6. Trade-in or DONATE your old TECH! (Be sure your DATA has been erased - most professional Repair shops can do this for you).

So next time someone starts bragging about buying the latest (Fill in the Blank) you can proudly say. "That's great, but I'm helping make the world a BETTER PLACE for You, Me and a lot of people to come!

If you're looking for a PROFESSIONAL REPAIR SHOP we hope that you will keep in mind WIGO TECH Repair. Visit our website at: www.WiGoTECHRepair.com or call us at 844-Get-WiGo for more details and/or to get your TECH fixed, serviced or to trade-in an older device. 

We'd Love to Have you as a Customer!

Thursday, May 5, 2016

WiGoClinic is NOW WIGO TECH Repair


Call 844-Get-WiGo

The only TECH repair shop you will ever need! WIGO TECH Repair is a friendly place to get all of your TECH fixed. We like to say that if it has a power button we can fix it. So bring us your cracked iPhone screens (easy), your liquid damaged electronics (a little tougher), your malware/spyware infected computer (yea we can do that too), data retrieval on the device that won't start up (tough, but we can do it) or making repairs to the motherboard of one of your prized electronics (now that's tough, but our "Superman" head Tech can do it!).

WIGO TECH Repair has three locations in the DC are (see below for info):

WIGO TECH Repair in Falls Church
5657 Columbia Pike
Falls Church, VA 22041

WIGO TECH Repair in Westover
5912 Washington Blvd
Arlington, VA 22205
WIGO TECH Repair in Clarendon
1408 N Fillmore St., 2nd Floor suite 2
Arlington, VA 22201
If you need some TECH fixed (Phone, tablet, computer, drone, robot, etc.) then there is only one place in the DC area that can fix ALL of your TECH, it's WIGO TECH Repair. Come see us today! No appointment is needed.

844-Get-WiGo (844-438-9446)

Monday, January 25, 2016

Blizzard 2016! Snowzilla! WiGoClinic is OPEN!!!

So when I pulled up to work today -- after the Jonas, Snowzilla, the Blizzard of 2016 or what ever the heck you want to call two feet of snow in DC -- and I was greeted by this lovely sight.

Snowzilla - The Blizzard of 2016

The good news is that we're OPEN for business to help you get all of your TECH fixed! The bad news is parking is limited - unless you have a snowmobile (or as Sarah Palin calls them a snow machine - not sure what Donald Trump calls them, but I'm sure he doesn't need one). 

So come on by by our shop in Fairfax if you'd need a cracked screen fixed, charge port issue, battery draining to fast, liquid damaged device or if you just want to play on the extremely large pile of snow in our parking lot!

Since our vans look like this: 

It might be a day or two before we can get them back on the road, but give us a call to arrange mobile service if you need it. We'll do our best to take care of you and your broken TECH!

Hope you're all safe and enjoying the snow. Call us at 844-Get-WiGo when and if you need us!!

Friday, November 20, 2015

What You Need to Know About iPad & Tablet Repairs

So you've got a repair issue with your iPad or another tablet and your not sure what to do or where to take it. Is it worth getting fixed or should you just buy a new one? Is repair a good option? Replacement? What to do??!!

When our TECH gets broken it can be tough. Here's a device that we are used to pulling out and it just working. When it's not sometimes we panic. What to do??

Cracked iPad 2 Screen
Repairing your TECH has become the best options for broken/damaged iPad's and tablets. Especially when a replacement will cost a lot of money. Professional repair shops all over the country have established themselves as the "go to" option for your broken TECH. A professional repair shop can get your device fixed quickly - sometimes while you wait - and for MUCH LESS than a replacement device!

So you've decided to FIX YOUR iPad, now you need to decide where to go for the repair. 

For iPad the Apple store is certainly an option but is it the BEST option for you?
  • First, did you BUY Apple Care+ (if no, it will be expensive - see below).
  • Secondly, your going to need an appointment (That takes some time).
  • Third, now you either pack & ship or go wait at the Apple store (Yawn).
  • Oh and, you will PAY an "Incident Fee" (What did you think it was free?).
  • Last thing, they will only allow you 2 "incidents", no more (rules is rules)!
So you didn't PAY extra for AppleCare+ when you bought your iPad, uh oh!

Here's what Apple is going to charge you (after you make an appointment, go to an Apple store and wait):

iPad mini, iPad mini 2: $199
iPad, iPad 2: $249
iPad 3rd generation, iPad 4th generation, iPad Air, iPad mini 3, iPad mini 4: $299
iPad Air 2: $379
iPad Pro: $599
Plus a $6.95 shipping fee. Fees are in USD and exclude local tax.
*Accidental damage isn't covered under the Apple One Year Limited Warranty.
I can tell you this the prices at WiGoClinic - Cell Phone, Tablet & Computer Repair are CHEAPER, our service FASTER and you don't even need to make an appointment to come see us. Unless, of course, you'd like us to come to you and pick-up your broken iPad for repair.

I know what your saying, "Why would I come to a professional repair shop, pay less for the repair (a lot less in most cases) for service that is faster than booking an appointment at the Apple store then fighting the crowds when i get there and waiting for service?" Take a second and think about what you just said...

Done? OK now head down to your local WiGoClinic - Cell Phone, Tablet & Computer Repair Shop (Four area locations) or call us at 844-Get-WiGo to arrange pick-up of your broken iPad or tablet (Click here for WiGoClinic Mobile Service). If your out of our service area you can ship your device to us for fast 24 hour turnaround (follow this link: Ship your device to WiGoClinic). 

Saturday, November 14, 2015

FedEx is Just Horrible and They're hurting Small Business

I have tried to be patient with FedEx before, really I have -- this happens about once a month. But when they keep messing up and I have to keep doing their job for them then I have to speak up. In the meantime I strongly suggest anyone and everyone STOP USING FedEx for delivery. I mean I don't have this many problems with the US Postal Service and they're the US Postal Service.

So here's what happened: A package with VERY important repair parts was supposed to be delivered to our shop via FedEx Priority on Friday morning (11/13/15). We had customers waiting on these parts to complete important repairs to their phones, tablets and computers so they could go back to their lives. PLUS the package had parts we needed to help more customers over the weekend get their phones, tablets and computers fixed - you see we need inventory to make money. The package was NEVER delivered and I had to start searching for it. Why can't you call me FedEx??!!

After numerous phone calls and promises of return phone calls - nice people with no ability to actually help me -- I find out the package was "mis-sorted". In other words FedEx made a mistake. OK, fine, we all make mistakes. BUT it's what you do after the mistake that counts the most. For FedEx, who reported $12.6 billion last quarter, that's not a lot.

All day on Friday I was told the package would be delivered on Friday despite the mistake. Then after a half dozen phone calls to them and when it is too late in the day -- I'm sure they were hoping I would give up -- the package shows up a few miles away at Dulles Airport (and less then a mile from the sorting facility) at 5:55 PM. Then two more phone calls and they assure me it will be DELIVERED in the morning AND someone will call me between 9-10 AM to confirm. Seems reasonable given the fact that this is one of the largest logistics company in the world.

Sure enough at 8:13 AM it arrives in the sorting facility for our area which is only a few miles away. Next stop WiGoClinic - Cell Phone, Tablet & Computer Repair Shop in Fairfax to take care of our customers!! Yippee!!

The next morning 9 AM, 10 AM pass no update. No phone call. They told me it was taken care of and I wanted to spend some time with my family so I waited till just before 11 AM before I made another phone call to 1-800-Go-FedEx. I get Rose on the phone. She's nice but can do absolutely nothing for me and tells me that my package will be delivered on MONDAY - more than 72 hours LATE! Seems no one knew it was important. Unacceptable!! She passes me off to Ann, and after 30 mins on hold, she tells me my package is in a container and no one can get it out. Wait, really?? Don't you open containers every day? You're FedEx, right? Surely someone knows how to open a container and look for a package.

I think it's stuck!
Come on FedEx you don't have a plan when something like this happens??!! Maybe you have one person who is in charge of screw ups and they help get them fixed. No, no plan. Well then surely you have extra staff to make sure you take good care of your customers after you make a mistake? Nope! After all of this no one thought to have someone prepared to unload a container with LATE packages???!!! I mean you only made a net income of $692 million last quarter I understand times are tough. But this stinks!!

Then I a call to Ann -- an equally nice person that can do absolutely nothing for me and finally to Stacey -- also nice... (you get the point). I'm now told that the sorting facility only has two people working and they can't get my package out because it is in a container with 100-150 other packages - WOW sounds like a lot of work to me... After stressing my displeasure and telling sweet Stacey that I have had it she offers to try one last time to get my package.

A few hours later I get a voicemail message from Stacey telling me she is sorry but there is just no way to get my package until Monday. In the mean time I have gone online to complain to the world and let people know NOT TO USE FEDEX and to #FreeMyPackage!

Then low and behold at 1:59 PM I get a call from Kathy at the sorting facility. It turns out someone actually could get my package. So now I had the privilege of working as a FedEx driver and getting my package so I could deliver it to my shop. WOW, thanks FedEx! Should I expect a paycheck -- I think your drivers do pretty well for themselves. Or maybe I could get reimbursed for my mileage, tools, lost business and all the time I wasted on the phone with you guys???

Maybe just an apology, huh? Seems appropriate. My expectations are certainly not very high. I guess if I were a stock holder I might get a better response but until I can find a dependable shipping option for our small business that can help me make money and not lose it I don't think that's in the cards.

UPDATE (11/16/15 at 11:45 AM): I did FedEx's job on Saturday afternoon and delivered my package for them late in the day. Then we tried our best to get parts out to our shops to take care of customers. Unfortunately a few were pretty upset and I would like to say publicly WE ARE SORRY FEDEX COULDN'T DELIVER! 

Now I'm getting responses from @FedExHelp at 11:22 AM EST. To see if they can assist in getting my package???!!!

UPDATE 2 (11/16/15 at 7:00 PM): So @FedExHelp replied today via my social media posts. Both had very sketchy tracking links that helped me respond via email. So I did. Julie sent me back a nice cut and paste job from their normal "I'm so sorry..." template that included two different font sizes (Hey Julie, FYI you can easily adjust the font sizes so they all match). I guess the empathy and promise that my complaint will be "elevated to the appropriate department" work on the general population, me not so much.

Might I suggest you elevate my complaint to the gee we're sorry here's your FedEx paycheck for doing our job for us department!!!

FINAL UPDATE (11/20/15): I'm moving on from all of this. After a week of getting what appears to be automated responses from @FedExHelp, canned responses when I reply and ZERO responses from those emails I'm done with FedEx. Last time I'll do your job for you @FedExHelp but here's an idea. How about you send a handwritten note card when you screw up and include a gift card for the cost of shipping. I know it seems simply but sometimes simply is all it takes.

In the meantime I strongly recommend to anyone out there who reads this blog to do your best to STOP USING FEDEX! As our company grows and we start doing more shipping you can be assured we will use someone other than the uncaring giant that is FedEx. UPS and even USPS seem like great options to me!

Monday, October 19, 2015

ANNOUNCING: WiGoClinic Mobile Repair Service Launch

In the old days when you broke an electronic device (phone, tablet or computer) and you weren't able to drive it into one of our four area locations for our Fast & Friendly, while you wait repair service, you were out of luck. But now, with our brand new MOBILE REPAIR SERVICE your ship has come in - or is this case one of our fancy new Nissan Vans!

Need a WiGoTech to come to you for a repair?
Call us at 844-Get-WiGo

We understand how busy life can get.
No judgement here - just fast & friendly service to your location!

No time to load up the kids and try and travel across town.
We get it! How about one of our WiGoTechs save you the hassle.

Stuck on Campus with no dinero for UBER or LYFT?
No Worries! Give us a call and we'll get you fixed up!!

A Repair as Easy as 1,2,3
1) Call us for service at 844-Get-WiGo
2) We pick-up from you or repair onsite.
3) Delivered back to your home or office fully repaired!

Simple Convenient Service

Onsite repairs for many devices including most iPhone models! Most other repairs can be completed same day or within 24 hours. This service is FREE to most of Northern Virginia and NW DC (speak to one of our reps for details and coverage area).

WiGoClinic - Cell Phone, Tablet & Computer Repair has served the DC area for more than eight years with fast and friendly service. We are the only FULL SERVICE repair company in the area repairing all makes and models down to board level components. If it can be fixed it will be fixed at WiGoClinic!

We repair all major makes and models of Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and older models, Samsung Galaxy devices, LG, Motorola, Microsoft, Nokia, HTC, Sony, Huawei, ASUS, Amazon, Blackberry and many more