Tuesday, June 9, 2015

WiGoClinic FAIRFAX Shop - Cell Phone, Tablet & Computer Repair

It's been a while since my last post and it's been even longer since I wrote about our Fairfax shop - in fact I don't think I have ever written just about our Fairfax shop. So let me take a moment of your time and tell you about our Fairfax shop and why it is a GREAT place to get your cell phone, tablet or computer fixed.

Our FAIRFAX, VA Shop is a great place to get your broken cell phone, tablet or computer fixed! There so now you know it's a great place to get your personal electronics fixed. Here's a picture too:

WiGoClinic - Cell Phone, Tablet & Computer Repair in Fairfax

A Brief History: Our Fairfax shop opened in 2010 and quickly became our flagship location. After operating the WiGoClinic as a division of another company for a few years our Fairfax location was our first stand-alone location. We have serviced thousands of device at this location. 

So you might ask yourself, "Why should I come to this location?" (If you'd like you print this out and act out the following dialogue with a friend please fell free to do so. Otherwise all rights are reserved on the following script and may not be used to produce a Broadway show and/or convert it into a show for HBO - we do give full rights to George R.R. Martin if he'd like to use it on Game of Thrones).

YOU: Your telling me it's in Merrifield but where is that?
WiGo: Our Fairfax shop is in the Merrifield area that is right in the middle of Fairfax County. Merrifield is the next door neighbor to Vienna, Tysons Corner, Falls Church, Dunn Loring, Oakton, Annandale and even Mantua (Sounds kind of like one of the seven kingdoms, hmm Mr. Martin?).

YOU: OK, I get Merrifield but is it easy to get to?
WiGo: You betcha! The shop is right on Lee Hwy (Rt. 29) at Prosperity Road across from the BMW of Fairfax. Just up from Gallows Road (Connects to Tysons & Annandale) or down form Nutley Street (Connects to Vienna, Oakton and Tysons again). Oh and we're just off two little local roads called THE BELTWAY and Rt. 66. Que music: 

YOU: So what about parking at your Fairfax Shop?
WiGo: Nice Question! We have FREE parking right in front of the shop, like five feet from the front door. Pull in - drop off - it's FIXED!

YOU: Is there anything to do while I wait?
WiGo: Boy howdy, Great Chinese food next door at New Beijing, yummy pizza at zPizza, cool furniture shop upstairs at R-Home or walk across the street and check out the latest that BMW offers. You could also head down to the Mosaic District for food, fun and lots of cool shops. 

YOU: OK, centrally located, easy to get to and stuff to do nearby. What about repairs? What can you fix at your Fairfax shop?
WiGo: We fix it all! No seriously we can fix almost any cell phone, tablet or computer at our Fairfax shop. As the flagship location for WiGoClinic we stock thousands of parts for devices that are old and new. We also have some of the best trained staff in the repair industry along with master technicians that can repair even the most complicated problems.

YOU: What are your hours?
WiGo: Our Fairfax shop is open from 9AM to 8PM Monday to Saturday

YOU: Do I need an appointment?
WiGo: Nope, just come on in! We'll take care of you.

YOU: Can I call and ask a couple of questions first?
WiGo: Sure, our customer service number is 844-Get-WiGo (844-438-9446)

YOU: I'm convinced. How do I ride my dragon to your shop?
WiGo: OK... Daenerys, please park your dragon in the back so you don't scare the kids and come see us at: 8446 Lee Hwy, Fairfax, VA 22046

The Bottom Line

If you need a cell phone, tablet or computer repaired come see us at
We'd love to have YOU as a customer!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Not All Repair Shops are Equal: BEWARE Inexperienced Techs! They could make things worse. A lot worse!

The demand for cell phone and tablet repair has turned this industry into a FAST growing business opportunity. While not quite in the same category as frozen yogurt shops or nail salons it's still a high demand industry. Everyone has a phone, or two and a tablet or more... and they break!

While there are still a lot of people who don't know you can get your phone fixed - YOU CAN GET YOUR PHONE OR TABLET FIXED AT WIGOCLINIC! - many others make the mistake of having someone fix it who isn't really qualified. Rookie mistakes happen BUT too often we see some pretty bad damage from someones careless work. 

In the last five years we have seen new "repair shops" come and go. Many times it's a cell phone dealer that thinks they can fix phones too - as mentioned in my previous post in this series: BEWARE Shops That Sell Phones & Service too!! Then there is the DIY'er, or even better the person who has a "Friend" who said they could fix it. Almost every day we have someone who has come in after trying to fix a phone or tablet themselves. Yes, I said EVERY DAY!

BE SMART! Choose a shop, like WiGoClinic, that has been around for a while and has experienced techs on duty every day. It's that simple! But now a list of questions to underline my point:

  • If your child broke there arm would you let a clerk at the local drugstore who wants to go to med school some day help them?
  • If you cars transmission was having issues would you let a friend with no experience but took shop in high school "Give it a go"?
  • If your house caught on fire would you have the neighbor kid get his super soaker to put it out because his parents think he's great at it?
  • If you need relationship advice and/or counseling would you go talk to a monkey at the zoo (now a picture of a monkey with a cell phone)?

The answer is No, No, No & No! So WHY let anyone other than an experienced FULL TIME repair shop work on your phone or tablet??!!

Just because someone sells cell phones doesn't mean they can fix them! You want to start your repair at a shop that ONLY does repair and be sure it is a legit shop that has been around for a while!

So what do you do if you make the mistake of having an inexperienced person work on your device and then DAMAGE your device? Bring it into WiGoClinic - Cell Phone, Tablet & Computer Repair Shop. Again, almost every day we get someone come into one of our four local shops or call our customer service team and the conversation often starts, "I took it to another repair shop and now ______ doesn't work". Other times a "tech" from another repair shop will come into our shop and ask us to help fix an issue they created. It's OK we won't force you to join a 12 step group (Hi, my name is Rob and I thought I could fix a complicated electronic device).

Lucky for you and them we have an experienced staff and WiGo is one of the only consumer repair shops in the country that had a full time board level tech on staff.

We hope you will give us a try! Start by calling our professional customer service team at 844-Get-WiGo or if you need the digits it's 844-438-9446.

Monday, March 9, 2015

Not All Repairs Shops Are Equal: BEWARE Shops That Sell Phones & Service too!!

The cell phone & tablet repair business has exploded over the last few years and now more and more companies are trying to get into the business. More competition is good for the consumer but some of these companies have something else in mind altogether - sometimes their plan is rip you off. So BE CAREFUL! Find a reputable shop to take your device in for repair.


BIG THING #1: If they sell phones they make MORE money if you buy a phone and they make EVEN MORE if you buy/renew service too!

Almost anyone who sells phones and/or service is a commissioned sales person. This is especially true in the "dealer" market where sometimes 100% of their pay is commission. And while Apple store employees don't make commission the work hours they get are based on their sales. So both have an incentive to sell you a NEW phone with service.

Ask yourself if they really want to fix your device or do they want to sell you a phone and/or new service? If they check-out the device and then come back and suggest you buy a new one that THEY SELL watch out!

FYI: Many companies that sell phones have started fixing phones to increase foot traffic in hopes that you will buy a new phone instead. Many times the "tech" is also a salesperson for the store. Conflict much?!

BIG THING #2: If they have a buyback program they make MORE money off of you if they can get you to either give them the device or they buy it from you cheap!

Many stores sell refurbished and/or used equipment that is very profitable for that store. This practice has existed for many many years. Nowadays with so many people buying new phones on a regular basis the "Recommerce" business has generated $7 billion in profit in the US and is set to double over the next two years (according to Sourcely a leading buyback company).

Yes, there are reputable shops who do both of these things - buyback program and phone sales. But there are a lot - I repeat - A LOT of shops who only care about making the most they can off of you. If you don't know what to lookout for they will take advantage of you!

So here is some friendly advice:

  • ONLY Use a Shop that is Mainly a REPAIR Business!

    • If the name out front is a phone carrier BEWARE!
    • If they don't have a tech on duty at all times BEWARE!
    • If they keep talking about a new phone BEWARE!
    • If they just have a tiny little desk to do repair BEWARE!!

  • ONLY Use a Professional shop!

    • If they don't answer the phone or you're calling a cell phone BEWARE!
    • If they don't have a physical shop that you can walk into BEWARE!
    • If they can't provide a clear and detailed printed receipt BEWARE!
    • If they seem a bit sketchy they probably are BEWARE!

Bottom Line: Think of getting your phone or tablet fixed just like getting a car fixed. You wouldn't walk onto a used car lot and talk to a sales person about getting your car fixed - they're just going to try and sell you a car.  And the dealership is nice BUT usually the most expensive option. 

For cell phone & tablet repair find a local company that has been around for a while and focuses on REPAIRS! We hope you'll choose WiGoClinic - Cell Phone & Tablet Repair because all we do is repair!!

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Not All Repair Shops Are Equal: Beware Cheap Prices for Repair!

The Cell Phone & Tablet Repair industry is now a $1.4 billion industry according to IBISWorld. According to a recent study by SquareTrade, a leading device protection plan company, damaged iPhones alone have cost Americans $10.7 billion. So if you've broken a phone once, twice or dozens of times - you know who you are and we love you! - it's OK your not alone!!

The simple truth is that everyone has a phone and phones break. Remember the first step is admitting that you have a problem. The problem is that your phone is broken or it could be soon. So what do you do? Where do you go to get it fixed?


One mistake we see customers make all the time is to go with the cheapest price for a repair but just like anything in life cheap isn't always best. If you want a hamburger you could go to McDonalds but if you want a REALLY GOOD hamburger go to Shake Shack - love those hamburgers and their fries, boy howdy! Let me do you a favor and share the Shake Shack link. You can thank me later!

Having been in the Cell Phone & Tablet repair business for years I can tell you that there are various levels of quality for parts and some shops even sell USED parts. I get emails everyday from shady distributors that will offer 3 or 4 levels of quality for an iPhone screen. We've checked out many of these parts over the years and the cheaper ones are just that CHEAPER. They break easier and fail more often. There just no good and we don't use them in our WiGoClinic shops.

Used parts are big issue too. I spoke to two different shop owners who told me they use used parts all the time to fix a customers phone. One of them told me he gives away a free screen protector - cheap quality too - to cover up the scratches on a used screen. Then I asked them if they told their customers about this practice or even put it in the teeny tiny print at the bottom of the receipt. Nope - because, as they told, no one knows the difference.

Well, now you know! If you call around and find a shop that is A LOT CHEAPER than anyone else in town RUN! It's not a good deal that only you have uncovered. It's a sketchy business that hopes you keep coming back for the cheap price. And guess what, you'll need to come back because of the poor quality!

Again, don't be fooled by other shops, amateurs in the mall or strangers who come to your house/work. WiGoClinic - Cell Phone & Tablet Repair Shops have served the DC area longer than any of them. Our professional shops have highly trained techs on duty to serve you and get your device repaired quickly. We use ONLY the highest quality BRAND NEW parts - others use low quality or used parts that are much more likely to break again. Our prices INCLUDE the fastest possible service to get your device repaired and back into your hands.

Give us a try by calling our professional customer service team at 844-Get-WiGo or if you need the digits it's 844-438-9446.

Friday, January 2, 2015

STOP! THINK! REMEMBER! Not All Repair Services are Equal! Please be careful.

The Cell Phone & Tablet Repair industry has changed a lot since we got into the business more than five years ago. Some good things - Some bad things!

GOOD NEWS: There are more places to get your cell phone or tablet fixed!
BAD NEWS: There are more places to get your cell phone or tablet fixed!!

In fact, the repair industry is over a $1.5 billion industry and has grown to employ thousands of people according to IBISWorld. That is great! And WiGoClinic is proud to be a part of such a dynamic and quickly growing industry that has provided new opportunities to so many people - like us!

Unfortunately, it has also allowed a lot of people who shouldn't be fixing phones & tablets the opportunity to do so. It seems like nowadays all you need to do is post an ad online, find some cheap retail space in a closing mall or work out of the back of a laundromat (No lie, I know of two local laundromats who have cell phone repair shops) to fix someones phone.

So while we would love to have you as a customer at WiGoClinic - Cell Phone & Tablet Repair (more than five years in business with four area locations, using high quality parts and certified techs). We would love it even more if you didn't end up in a shop that could cause more bad news when you were looking for good news. I'll follow this post with some more reasons to use WiGoClinic, but in the meantime here are things you should watch out for when choosing a repair shop for your broken cell phone or tablet:

BEWARE cheap prices for repair! 
It could take a LOT longer to get it fixed or they might not use high quality parts!

BEWARE shops that sell phones & service too! 
Do they really want to fix your phone or sell you a new one?!

BEWARE inexperienced repair techs! 
They could make your device worse - a lot worse!

BEWARE "Cell Phone Repair Shops" that don't answer their phone 
Especially if they TEXT you! Why can't they take a call?!

BEWARE Strangers who come to your home or work! 
If something goes wrong will they come back - are you sure?!

Don't be fooled by other shops, amateurs in the mall or strangers who come to your house/work. WiGoClinic - Cell Phone & Tablet Repair shops have served the DC area longer than any of them. Our professional shops have highly trained techs on duty to serve you and get your device repaired quickly. We use ONLY the highest quality BRAND NEW parts - others use low quality used parts that are much more likely to break again. Our prices INCLUDE the fastest possible service to get your device repaired and back into your hands.

Give us a try by calling our professional customer service team at 844-Get-WiGo or if you need the digits it's 844-438-9446.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

WiGoClinic's Phone Telephone Number: 844-Get-WiGo (844-438-9446)!

We just wanted to let everyone know that we will take your phone calls and actually talk to you about what you need repaired. I know. I know. In this modern Internet/iPhone day we actually staff a call center with helpful knowledgeable people who can answer all of your repair needs AND even book a repair for you. Yes, its old-school, but that's how we roll!

Not and actually WiGoClinic employee
So next time you need something fixed give us a call at 844-Get-WiGo and you can talk to an actual person, located inside the continental United States and TOLL-FREE - Bonus! WiGoClinic - Cell Phone, Tablet & Computer Repair can fix almost any make or model. Call us anytime during regular business hours and we can talk to you about what you need repaired and how we can repair it for you.

Our call center is open Monday to Saturday from 9AM to 7PM EST. 

All you need to remember is 844-Get-WiGo for all of your repair needs. Keep it handy and let all of your friends know we're here for them too. You can always visit one of our shops or ship your repair to us, so yes, we can handle a repair from anywhere.

Thanks for reading. We look forward to hearing from you and having you as a WiGoClinic customer! 

Monday, October 20, 2014

Can WiGoClinic fix my...?

Every single day someone calls or comes into one of our fours area locations and asks, "Can WiGoClinic fix my ____________?" And every single day (or about 1875 times - we opened over five years ago) we answer, "Yes, we can fix it!"

You see since we opened more than 1875 days ago WiGoClinic - Cell Phone & Tablet Repair has taken great pride in the fact that we are not just a one trick pony. WiGoClinic fixes all makes and models of cell phone & tablets! Most of our so called competitors only fix one or two brands (Apple & Samsung are the most popular) and even then they will restrict what they can do to only the most recent models. When you ask them to fix a iPod Touch or a 1st generation iPad they look at you funny. Don't even think about asking them if they can fix a Samsung Galaxy Stratosphere II or a Nexus S. Shoot they might have never even heard of a ZTE Warp or a Casio GzOne Commando.

At WiGoClinic we have heard of those and bunch of other makes and models too. And guess what? We have thousands of parts IN-STOCK and we can get your cell or tablet fixed quickly by a professional tech many times while you wait!

So while Samsung has a really big market share worldwide and Apple pretty much dominates the US market - yes, yes, we fix all of those too -- there are still tons of other phone models out there. So next time you have the urge to call and ask if we fix a certain make or model just come on down to one of our local shops or ship it to us if your not in the area and we'll get you fixed up.

When it's broken get it fixed!