Monday, August 18, 2014

NEW Locations NOW OPEN to Serve You Better!!

Our Arlington Shop is open again and in a really cool NEW area or Arlington!

1750 Crystal Drive
Arlington, VA 22202

Talk about easy to get to. The new shop is only a few feet away from the Crystal City Metro AND the Virginia Railway Express (aka VRE) in the Crystal City Underground. Tons of parking on street or in the parking garage - just look for the Shops @ 1750.

The other thing I LOVE about this new location is all of the AWESOME places to eat. Come get your cell phone or tablet fixed while you grab a bite to eat! More on that in a later post. Because...

Our NEW shop in the Springfield/Burke area is also NOW OPEN!!!

WiGoClinic - Cell Phone, Tablet & Computer Repair
6212 Rolling Road, Springfield, VA 22152
Call us at: 571-386-2953

The new Springfield/Burke shop is easy to get to just off Old Keene Mill Rd at Rolling Rd. It's a nice BIG shop and we also do computer repair on-site!

So Northern Virginia you now have NO EXCUSE to get your stuff fixed. WiGoClinic - Cell Phone, Tablet & Computer Repair has four easy to get to locations to serve YOU or your BUSINESS.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Monday, January 6, 2014

"Baby it's COLD Outside" said the Cell Phone

In many parts of the country - including here at WiGoClinic HQ in NoVA we are about to get hit with the dreaded Polar Vortex! You can look it up if you want but let me just tell you it means it's going to get really, really cold!!

When it's this cold you need to wear layers, stay indoors, limit a pets outdoor activity and turn the heat up really high. As we all know extreme cold weather can be very dangerous.

So what's a cell phone to do?

Well first of all, your phone needs to stay warm too. The ideal temp for most modern smartphones (iPhone, Galaxy S, Droid, Lumia, etc.) is between 32-95 degrees Fahrenheit. So when they get too cold they can not work so good. 

In extreme cold your phones battery could just shut down - not to worry it should come back after it warms-up a bit. BUT don't just keep pushing the power button out in the cold because you could cause more harm. 

Let the little fella warm-up before you try to power it on again. A nice gradual warm-up is best. In fact the best thing you can do in cold weather is keep the phone closer to your nice warm body - pants pocket is good. If you keep it at a nice temp range it's more likely going to handle the extreme cold.

Leaving your phone in a cold car is a REALLY bad idea (as is putting it on a grill, but I hope I didn't need to tell you that).


One of the biggest dangers you might encounter is a broken screen. You see in the extreme cold the glass will become more brittle and has a MUCH higher chance of breaking. It's especially susceptible to damage if it already has a small crack, chip or other defect in the glass. Once you have cracked the glass on a phone it is more likely to encounter other issues and become further damaged. SO get the Glass fixed if it is broken.

If your phone shows other issues in the extreme cold don't be surprised. Also, don't be surprised if some smartphones function better than others in the cold. Again, let it warm-up and see if things work better.

When faced with extreme cold simply stay inside with your your little bundle of joy and you'll avoid most harm. But if you do drop your phone on the fireplace hearth or it slips into your hot cocoa bring it into WiGoClinic - Cell Phone & Tablet Repair for fast & friendly service!

Stay Toasty My Friends!

Friday, December 13, 2013

"Fast, Friendly and a Real Bargain!"

If and when you need to have a cell phone or tablet repaired -- and you will need a repair sooner or later -- keep that in mind. Because that's what a recent customers email to me said. "I want to thank you for the fix on Emily's phone - fast, friendly and a real bargain! We really appreciate it."
FAST: Is the company your dealing with fast of do they take all day to make simple repairs? At WiGoClinic most cracked screen repairs can be done in an hour at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE! So let's talk about the one hour for a second because I know some shops claim they can do some repairs in 15-20 minutes. Hah, in a perfect world yes. But do you really want someone to rush the repair and possible damage something OR what happens if there is some other complication? That 15-20 minutes turns into an hour. We try and provide an honest quote on all of our repairs.

FRIENDLY: Is the company your talking to friendly? Do they answer the phone when you call? At WiGoClinic we know that a broken phone or tablet is stressful. We know that coming to a repair shop can be a pain in the rear. So we like to hire friendly customer service minded techs to assist you every step of the way. We'll answer your questions, give you a free quote and try and explain the advantages of repair over replacement. Believe me when I say that I have heard of nightmares at other repair shops. If your calling around to find a repair shop and they don't answer the phone or they TEXT you a price then stay away - stay far away!

REAL BARGAIN: This is a tough one to explain to many people because most of the time you paid less for the phone when you first got it (say $50-$100 bucks or maybe even free?!). But what you really got was a $500-600 dollar phone that the carrier subsidized with a two year contract. So when we tell a customer it will be a $79 repair they don't quite understand why. But then they go to the carrier who tells them a replacement phone will be $600 and then many times they come back and see us. ALSO, did you know that many of the carriers have followed T-Mobile by offering a cheaper monthly rate when you are out of contract?

Another area where we area "Real Bargain" is when you compare us to our competitors. Maybe they area couple of dollars cheaper BUT how long does it take them to do the repair at that price? Perhaps they are cheaper BUT then you meet that kid "Tech" in the mall who just started yesterday?! Perchance there price is better than ours BUT do they use brand new high quality parts??!! It is conceivable that they TELL you they have a better price and quicker turnaround BUT have they been in business for five years and have a strong reputation in the market???!!!

Earlier this year I posted what we consider our promise to customers. At WiGoClinic each of our staff members are trained to take the best care of our customers each and every time. We have three local locations to serve you and a highly trained staff of professionals to serve your repair needs. You can try another option if you'd like but WiGoClinic - Cell Phone & Tablet Repair will offer you service that is "Fast, Friendly and a Real Bargain" each and every visit.

Come see us today!

Friday, November 29, 2013

Arlington Small Business Day - Saturday 11/30/13

I have to admit that I am a small business junkie. Yes, it is my weakness and I'm proud to admit it. Small businesses are great and they truly drive our economy. Small business innovates, meets specialized needs and usually takes GREAT care of its customers. I will go out of my way to shop at a small business any day! So maybe for one day - Saturday, November 13,2013 -- all of you can too.

WiGoClinic - Cell Phone & Tablet Repair is proud to be participating in the Arlington Small Business Day 2013 along with hundreds of other Arlington, VA small businesses. Simply look for an Arlington shop that is displaying "Shop Local" sign in the window and get to shopping.

Many of the businesses will have special offers for customers who shop local. At WiGoClinic - Cell Phone & Tablet Repair we will be offering a 10% discount on anything in our shop. That includes repairs, cases, screen protectors, batteries and anything else you can find for sale in one of our shops. All you need to do is say, "I Love Small Business" when your ready to checkout and one of our helpful staff members will take care of you.

In addition to supporting small business you can get some money back if you use your AMEX card at qualifying small business locations - which WiGoClinic is one of. Be sure you register your AMEX card by clicking the link below.

American Express Small Business Saturday

Even if you don't visit our shop be sure to support other small businesses in you area. You'll meet some nice folks and help drive our economy!

Monday, February 4, 2013

Fast & Friendly Cell Phone Repair @ WiGoClinic

Getting things repaired instead of replacing them is becoming cool again - I think using the word "cool" is becoming cool again too, so win win!

Here at WiGoClinic - Cell Phone Repair Shop we try and stay way ahead of the crowd and not only fix your personal electronics but do it quickly - one hour in MANY cases - and treat you just like we would treat one of our good friends or favorite family members (come on, we all have favorites).

One of the biggest things that sets WiGoClinic
apart from our competition is

Fast service is our STANDARD every day service. We try and complete most of our repairs in an hour or less. That's our goal and we don't charge extra to make that happen. Why should you wait a day or two to get your device repaired? So, if you're calling around to ask about a repair ask them how long it will take AND if they will honor that time commitment once you actually get into their shop. WiGoClinic will!

So here is what we promise to you our valued customer:

1) We will answer the phone when you call during regular business hours.
2) We will give you a FREE quote (price & time) over the phone when you tell us the make, model and problem your phone is having.
3) We won't change that quote when you come into the shop. No bait and switch here (we know a local shop that charges a rush fee when you want it faster than 4-5 hours - not cool).
4) Our shop will be open with repair techs ON DUTY during our regular posted hours of operation (again we have heard many horror stories from customers who try other repair shops of them opening late, closing earlier or just closing their shop randomly).
5) We will use ONLY the highest quality brand new parts when repairing your device (BE CAREFUL here, lots of shops will install used parts or very low quality parts when repairing your device - quality matters and it's worth a few extra bucks).
6) We will make recommendations to you on how to keep your device from getting broken again (Premium Wrapsol screen protectors & OtterBox Cases) - yes we love customers and we would love for you to visit but we're not greedy.
7) We do back up our repairs 100%! We warranty our parts and we will re-check the repair of your device if you're not happy.
8) We will take good care of your device while in our shop and protect your personal data. 
9) Our shops offer a comfortable waiting area for you and a small play area for you small kids - old school crayons, blocks & toys.
10) Hugs - OK maybe not a real hug since it could get a little awkward for both of us but we do feel bad for you when you break your device or it's just a rough day.

We do really want to have you as a customer. We'll do our best to demonstrate that each day that you honor us with your business.

We hope you will choose WiGoClinic for ALL of your cell phone, iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and other personal electronic repairs!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Groupon One Year Later, Would we do it again??

We did a Groupon a year ago and it was a huge success for all of us at WiGoClinic - Cell Phone Repair. We literally had lines of people after our Groupon in each of our shops. We loved meeting new people and helping them get their phones, iPad's and iPod Touches fixed. At the same time offering our high quality service to new customers at a fair deal. But...

It seems that Groupon and Living Social don't really care as much about YOU as they do about making a buck! I don't find it surprising that both of these companies are struggling and that many business analysts are predicting their failure. But why I think they are failing is a little different then most.

So let me share my first had experience with you.

When we signed up for our Groupon we were told we had to meet a certain criteria to even be considered and then it might not get approved by the higher-ups because they only wanted to work with the "Best" local businesses. We were certainly flattered and felt as if we fit into that category.

  • The first thing they required was that you be in business at least one year. OK check, we had been in business almost two years when we offered our Groupon.
  • The second thing they asked is that we had our own website so potential buyers could learn more about us - again no problem - had been up and running even before we opened our first shop in Fairfax.
  • Thirdly (I know, I just wanted to type 'thirdly') we had to have been reviewed online by an independent company. Again, no problemo we had existing YELP reviews and a few 5 star reviews.
  • One of the last things they asked from us, in fact demanded, was that we NOT mark-up our prices just to cover the Groupon deal. Check mark on that one too -- that would certainly be shady.
Let me tell you this, it's not a short term money maker. Even when you sell a lot of them, which we did -- we were told that we broke a record in the cell phone repair category at the time. It's a marketing expense. I understand that and it did it's job for us.


At this time I would say no. We honored our end of the deal with Groupon but they certainly did NOT show much honor or ethics on their end.

Shortly after our Groupon -- after we declined the multiple requests to run another one -- they signed-up another local cell phone repair shop (all is fair in love and war, business too). Only one problem - well make that at least four problems.
  • Had they been in business for at least one year? No, recently opened.
  • Did they have a website? Pretty easy to do these days, but no website.
  • Online reviews? Nope too new.
  • Mark-up their prices? Of course. That was pretty easy to research because they used a Facebook link on their Groupon deal and it had the regular prices listed. Which surprise, surprise were much lower than their Groupon prices.
Anyone with half a brain could have researched this company and seen that they were not what they claimed to be. Unfortunately, the many of the people who purchased this Groupon -- trusting that they would only promote a legitimate business got burned.

So when the Groupon rep called to again to get us to re-up I politely told him no and explained why. He apologized and assured me he would report this travesty to his bosses to avoid such a poor choice for all of the Groupon faithful in the future.

Then a few months later this same cell phone repair shop - still less than a year old - still no website - now with online reviews that are pretty negative and again marking up their prices -- runs another Groupon. Then a week or after it runs they run a Living Social deal. Then a few weeks later they are evicted from their location leaving many trusting Groupon & Living Social customers without a place to redeem their certificates.

But the story doesn't end there. This same shop, under the same name moves across town and is still offering daily Groupon deals and a Living Social deal.


I had to post something because yesterday I looked on Groupon and saw that another local cell phone repair shop is offering a deal. Guess what? That's right less than a year old, first review on Yelp a negative one and it appears like they are starting to chalk up some more.

Update: So I went by this shop and there was a sign on the door that said, "Store will be closed today. Please come back tomorrow. Sorry for the inconvenience." Two people came by when I was there, both with Groupon certificates.

All that to tell you BE CAREFUL who you have fix your cell phone, iPad or other personal electronics. These deals are nice to try out a new restaurant, get a massage or explore Yoga but when it comes to repairing your electronics trust a pro and ignore the deal. Do a little research and ask them how long they have been in business. Don't just fall for the deal!

Just like my Grandmother used to say, you get what you pay for!