Wednesday, June 29, 2016

WIGO TECH Repair in Falls Church Can Fix Your Phone, Tablet, Computer & More!

WIGO TECH Repair in Falls Church
5657 Columbia Pike
Falls Church, VA 22041

Our shop in Falls Church is not your typical "retail" location. We're located in the Rock Spring Professional Center next to Dunkin' Donuts and across Columbia Pike from UHAUL. And we don't face Columbia Pike in the center you have to drive in and around the building to find us.

Rock Spring Professional Center
So that's a picture of the front of the complex. You drive in one of the two entrances and then drive around the building to find us:

WIGO TECH Repair in Falls Church

Then in the front door, turn right and in another door. No need to knock, come right in, we love walk-in business - sometimes gets weird talking to machines all the time. Once inside you drop off whatever TECH you need fixed (phone, tablet computer, robot, drone, etc.). If you'd like to wait - because of many of repairs can be done while you wait - you can enjoy our comfy waiting area and free WIFI.

Whilst you wait (I always wanted to use 'whilst' in a sentence) you can walk over to the aforementioned (ding, another fancy word) Dunkin' Donuts/Baskin Robbins for a quick treat - remember our repairs are fast! In the mood to shop or get something more to eat? Well, we've got lots of places all around us!

WIGO TECH Repair in Falls Church is easy to get to from Annandale, Alexandria and Western Arlington because it's a stones throw from the intersection of Leesburg Pike (Rt. 7) and Columbia Pike right in the heart of Bailey's Crossroads. Easy to get to by car or Metro bus.

At WIGO TECH Repair we fix ALL THINGS TECH, from a cracked iPhone screen to Android rooting or battery replacement. Our shops carry thousands of parts to fix what ever ails your tech. We repair ALL makes and models of phones, tablets, computers and just about anything with a power button. Don't replace it when you can repair it! Come see us today!!

Visit our website at or call us at 844-Get-WiGo for more details. Our Falls Church shop hours are 10AM to 7PM Monday to Saturday and NO APPOINTMENT IS REQUIRED.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Batteries Make the World Go Around - Replace & Recycle!

Batteries make the world go around, the world go around, the world go around.
Batteries make the world go around. They make the world go 'round.

**Reference Cabaret - replace "money" with Batteries**

Batteries are EVERYWHERE and in EVERYTHING, from the key fob to unlock your car door to starting your car - and if Tesla has it way we'll all be driving an EV very soon. Certainly we all know the pain of a battery going dead on our cell phone when we really, really need it to work. So if the modern cell phone (aka, smartphone) drives our lives and the modern battery is what makes it go, well now you can see why it makes the world go around...

So what's up with batteries? They must be a new technology because they sure don't work well, right? Well actually, Alessandro Volta is widely credited with inventing the battery in 1800 but our friend Benjamin Franklin toyed around with them too in 1748. He coined the word "Battery" by borrowing from the military, which refers the weapons functioning together. Because a few things need to "work together" to for a battery to convert chemical energy to electrical energy.

Nowadays lithium-ion is the battery of choice for most rechargeable applications - namely phones, tablets and computers. It's a great tech for today's portable electronics with a high energy density, tiny memory effect, low self discharge and fairly low cost makes it very popular. 

Here at WIGO TECH Repair we have repaired thousands of phones with power issues. We replace batteries all the time and we carry more different batteries in-stock than most shops or retail stores can even dream about. Some people can talk about theory of batteries we know the reality!

I can tell you this, rechargeable batteries are only as good as the way they are charged or how you take care of them. Here are a few lessons to help you enjoy a longer more productive battery.

LESSON 1: Battery life is typically defined by the number of full charge-discharge cycles before significant capacity loss. In other words the more you let it run out of power an then charge it all the way up the shorter it will last. If you fully charge it too many times the battery will degrade faster (not work as well).
ACTION PLAN: Only charge the battery when it's low AND before it drains all the way out.

LESSON 2: Battery degradation is strongly temperature-dependent and heat is the enemy. If you allow the battery to get hot a lot it will not do what it ought.
ACTION PLAN: Keep it cool whenever possible.

LESSON 3: A bad charger is a bad charger and will do bad things to your battery. Not all aftermarket chargers are bad but you can be assured that the super cheap ones are VERY BAD and can cause a lot of damage by overcharging your battery. These bad cheap chargers can cut your battery life in half and can be dangerous!
ACTION PLAN: Don't buy cheap chargers. You'll get what you pay for!!

LESSON 4: Your charger should start charging as soon as you plug it into the device. If you have to wiggle it, hold the charger in place or force it into the charging slot for it to charge you have a problem that is only get worse and fast!
ACTION PLAN: GET IT FIXED! A local repair shop, like WIGO TECH Repair, should be able to repair or replace the charge port so that it charges correctly. For most shops it should be an inexpensive repair.

LAST LESSON: Most battery or charging issues for your TECH can be fixed! Repair is a much better option for almost all of your devices. Even if you plan on buying something new in the near future. A professional repair shop, like WIGO TECH Repair, can repair your device quickly and at an affordable price. If you haven't thought about repairing your TECH (phone, tablet, computer, etc.) in the past you should now. 

Repair instead of replace!

Saturday, May 28, 2016

WIGO TECH Repair at the Sprint Block Party in Clarendon

We work VERY closely with most of the cell phone carriers in the area and often we get invited to come to their events. Our friends at the Sprint store in Clarendon are having a block party TODAY (5/28) with a cool DJ and lots of prize give-a-ways. If your around stop by and check it out!

WIGO TECH Repair at Sprint Block Party

We've got some FREE Cookies and discount coupons for our repair services!

Don't forget to check out our website at for details about our service or call us at 844-Get-WiGo (844-438-9446)!

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

WIGO TECH Repair in Clarendon Fixes Phones, Tablets, Computers & More

WIGO TECH Repair in Clarendon
1408 N. Fillmore St, 2nd Floor suite 2
Arlington, VA 22201

Our shop in Clarendon is easy to get to but tricky to find. Huh? Well it's right in the heart of Clarendon just off of Wilson Blvd on N. Fillmore St. and only two blocks from the Clarendon Metro BUT it's not a store front like some retail shops. You'll need to find the super secret door that leads to our 2nd floor space. For the first time on the internet I can reveal what the door looks like:

Secret Door that leads to WIGO TECH Repair in Clarendon

No secret knock is required, just open this door, walk up the steps, turn left and go into the second door on the left (it actually has a sign that says WIGO TECH Repair). Once you enter that door you will be greeted by one of our super smart and very friendly WIGOTECH's who can hep you get your TECH fixed!

Friendly WIGOTECH ready to FIX your TECH!

WIGO TECH Repair in Clarendon is a small shop but we can fix hundreds of different devices with the parts we have in-stock! Cracked screen on your iPhone? Not a problem, we can fix it while you wait! Busted iPad screen? Done in under a couple of hours. Charge port on your Samsung Galaxy S phone not working? We fix that too! Battery on your smartphone seen better days? We have batteries for almost every phone ever made! Heck we even fix Blackberry's!

So if you need your TECH fixed and your in Clarendon, Courthouse or anywhere in North Arlington come visit us today in Clarendon. We'd love to have you as a customer!

Visit our website at WIGO TECH Repair at or call our main phone number at 844-Get-WiGo (844-438-9446) for more details. Our shop hours in Clarendon are 10AM-6PM Monday to Friday and no appointment is needed!

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Maybe I should Just Buy a New Phone?!

If I had a dollar for every time I heard someone ask me, "Should I just buy a new phone?" I would be a rich man. But isn't that always the case with your TECH. Something doesn't work right or is tricky to use and the first thing that pops into our head, "I should just buy a new one". 

Of course, that's what we think! Why wouldn't we? After all we are getting inundated with tons of advertising messages from all over the place that says THE NEW ONE IS BETTER!! THE NEW ONE IS BETTER!!! Or maybe you're used to hearing, "This is the greatest (fill in the blank) we've ever made." Until a year later when... You get the idea.

What if I told you can break the cycle and kick the habit of feeling like less of a human being unless you have the latest and greatest TECH. It's OK, you'll survive and more importantly the planet will survive too. Oh and by the way, you'll save yourself a lot of time and money as well!!

It's called SUSTAINABILITY, my friends and most people are moving in that direction each and every day.

Maybe you do it to save money (cutting back on you power consumption at home) or recycling (because you don't want your neighbors to see you without a blue bin out front). Perhaps you think you are all-in on sustainability because you bring your own bags to the Whole Foods and only buy coffee that is "Shade Grown". But have you thought long and hard about your TECH??

Make Your TECH Last Longer by Getting it FIXED!
  1. EVERY ISSUE can be fixed (Cracked screen, Charge issue, liquid damage, software, etc. at a Professional Repair Shop).
  2. EVERY TECH device can be fixed (Most manufacturers would like you to buy something new, but an experienced TECH Repair Shop can fix it!).
  3. Sometimes its is as simple as a NEW BATTERY (Yea, that simple).
  4. If something is NOT WORKING right get it looked at by a PROFESSIONAL Repair Shop (Preventative maintenance works on TECH too).
  5. Don't ask a guy/girl who SELLS PHONES if they think you should get it fixed (much like asking your local Pastor if you should go to church).
  6. Trade-in or DONATE your old TECH! (Be sure your DATA has been erased - most professional Repair shops can do this for you).

So next time someone starts bragging about buying the latest (Fill in the Blank) you can proudly say. "That's great, but I'm helping make the world a BETTER PLACE for You, Me and a lot of people to come!

If you're looking for a PROFESSIONAL REPAIR SHOP we hope that you will keep in mind WIGO TECH Repair. Visit our website at: or call us at 844-Get-WiGo for more details and/or to get your TECH fixed, serviced or to trade-in an older device. 

We'd Love to Have you as a Customer!

Thursday, May 5, 2016

WiGoClinic is NOW WIGO TECH Repair


Call 844-Get-WiGo

The only TECH repair shop you will ever need! WIGO TECH Repair is a friendly place to get all of your TECH fixed. We like to say that if it has a power button we can fix it. So bring us your cracked iPhone screens (easy), your liquid damaged electronics (a little tougher), your malware/spyware infected computer (yea we can do that too), data retrieval on the device that won't start up (tough, but we can do it) or making repairs to the motherboard of one of your prized electronics (now that's tough, but our "Superman" head Tech can do it!).

WIGO TECH Repair has three locations in the DC are (see below for info):

WIGO TECH Repair in Falls Church
5657 Columbia Pike
Falls Church, VA 22041

WIGO TECH Repair in Westover
5912 Washington Blvd
Arlington, VA 22205
WIGO TECH Repair in Clarendon
1408 N Fillmore St., 2nd Floor suite 2
Arlington, VA 22201
If you need some TECH fixed (Phone, tablet, computer, drone, robot, etc.) then there is only one place in the DC area that can fix ALL of your TECH, it's WIGO TECH Repair. Come see us today! No appointment is needed.

844-Get-WiGo (844-438-9446)

Monday, January 25, 2016

Blizzard 2016! Snowzilla! WiGoClinic is OPEN!!!

So when I pulled up to work today -- after the Jonas, Snowzilla, the Blizzard of 2016 or what ever the heck you want to call two feet of snow in DC -- and I was greeted by this lovely sight.

Snowzilla - The Blizzard of 2016

The good news is that we're OPEN for business to help you get all of your TECH fixed! The bad news is parking is limited - unless you have a snowmobile (or as Sarah Palin calls them a snow machine - not sure what Donald Trump calls them, but I'm sure he doesn't need one). 

So come on by by our shop in Fairfax if you'd need a cracked screen fixed, charge port issue, battery draining to fast, liquid damaged device or if you just want to play on the extremely large pile of snow in our parking lot!

Since our vans look like this: 

It might be a day or two before we can get them back on the road, but give us a call to arrange mobile service if you need it. We'll do our best to take care of you and your broken TECH!

Hope you're all safe and enjoying the snow. Call us at 844-Get-WiGo when and if you need us!!