Friday, December 13, 2013

"Fast, Friendly and a Real Bargain!"

If and when you need to have a cell phone or tablet repaired -- and you will need a repair sooner or later -- keep that in mind. Because that's what a recent customers email to me said. "I want to thank you for the fix on Emily's phone - fast, friendly and a real bargain! We really appreciate it."
FAST: Is the company your dealing with fast of do they take all day to make simple repairs? At WiGoClinic most cracked screen repairs can be done in an hour at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE! So let's talk about the one hour for a second because I know some shops claim they can do some repairs in 15-20 minutes. Hah, in a perfect world yes. But do you really want someone to rush the repair and possible damage something OR what happens if there is some other complication? That 15-20 minutes turns into an hour. We try and provide an honest quote on all of our repairs.

FRIENDLY: Is the company your talking to friendly? Do they answer the phone when you call? At WiGoClinic we know that a broken phone or tablet is stressful. We know that coming to a repair shop can be a pain in the rear. So we like to hire friendly customer service minded techs to assist you every step of the way. We'll answer your questions, give you a free quote and try and explain the advantages of repair over replacement. Believe me when I say that I have heard of nightmares at other repair shops. If your calling around to find a repair shop and they don't answer the phone or they TEXT you a price then stay away - stay far away!

REAL BARGAIN: This is a tough one to explain to many people because most of the time you paid less for the phone when you first got it (say $50-$100 bucks or maybe even free?!). But what you really got was a $500-600 dollar phone that the carrier subsidized with a two year contract. So when we tell a customer it will be a $79 repair they don't quite understand why. But then they go to the carrier who tells them a replacement phone will be $600 and then many times they come back and see us. ALSO, did you know that many of the carriers have followed T-Mobile by offering a cheaper monthly rate when you are out of contract?

Another area where we area "Real Bargain" is when you compare us to our competitors. Maybe they area couple of dollars cheaper BUT how long does it take them to do the repair at that price? Perhaps they are cheaper BUT then you meet that kid "Tech" in the mall who just started yesterday?! Perchance there price is better than ours BUT do they use brand new high quality parts??!! It is conceivable that they TELL you they have a better price and quicker turnaround BUT have they been in business for five years and have a strong reputation in the market???!!!

Earlier this year I posted what we consider our promise to customers. At WiGoClinic each of our staff members are trained to take the best care of our customers each and every time. We have three local locations to serve you and a highly trained staff of professionals to serve your repair needs. You can try another option if you'd like but WiGoClinic - Cell Phone & Tablet Repair will offer you service that is "Fast, Friendly and a Real Bargain" each and every visit.

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