Monday, February 4, 2013

Fast & Friendly Cell Phone Repair @ WiGoClinic

Getting things repaired instead of replacing them is becoming cool again - I think using the word "cool" is becoming cool again too, so win win!

Here at WiGoClinic - Cell Phone Repair Shop we try and stay way ahead of the crowd and not only fix your personal electronics but do it quickly - one hour in MANY cases - and treat you just like we would treat one of our good friends or favorite family members (come on, we all have favorites).

One of the biggest things that sets WiGoClinic
apart from our competition is

Fast service is our STANDARD every day service. We try and complete most of our repairs in an hour or less. That's our goal and we don't charge extra to make that happen. Why should you wait a day or two to get your device repaired? So, if you're calling around to ask about a repair ask them how long it will take AND if they will honor that time commitment once you actually get into their shop. WiGoClinic will!

So here is what we promise to you our valued customer:

1) We will answer the phone when you call during regular business hours.
2) We will give you a FREE quote (price & time) over the phone when you tell us the make, model and problem your phone is having.
3) We won't change that quote when you come into the shop. No bait and switch here (we know a local shop that charges a rush fee when you want it faster than 4-5 hours - not cool).
4) Our shop will be open with repair techs ON DUTY during our regular posted hours of operation (again we have heard many horror stories from customers who try other repair shops of them opening late, closing earlier or just closing their shop randomly).
5) We will use ONLY the highest quality brand new parts when repairing your device (BE CAREFUL here, lots of shops will install used parts or very low quality parts when repairing your device - quality matters and it's worth a few extra bucks).
6) We will make recommendations to you on how to keep your device from getting broken again (Premium Wrapsol screen protectors & OtterBox Cases) - yes we love customers and we would love for you to visit but we're not greedy.
7) We do back up our repairs 100%! We warranty our parts and we will re-check the repair of your device if you're not happy.
8) We will take good care of your device while in our shop and protect your personal data. 
9) Our shops offer a comfortable waiting area for you and a small play area for you small kids - old school crayons, blocks & toys.
10) Hugs - OK maybe not a real hug since it could get a little awkward for both of us but we do feel bad for you when you break your device or it's just a rough day.

We do really want to have you as a customer. We'll do our best to demonstrate that each day that you honor us with your business.

We hope you will choose WiGoClinic for ALL of your cell phone, iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and other personal electronic repairs!


  1. I currently have Bell as my service provider. I heard that if you have a problem with your cell phone you could just take it to the nearest store. I think the nearest store to me is the bell in Oakville Place. But does anyone know if that is true?

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  4. Thanks for the post, and I was wondering if anyone has been to the bell - rimrock electronics store? And if so what do they think of it?

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